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If FUNimation hadn't wasted $ on a rushed broadcast dub, I think Grelle could've been so much better. I doubt FUNimation re-dubbed anything for the DVD/Blu-ray so Bor N's dub is sadly trash quality and I won't be buying it. The effect of acid treatments with HCl and HNO ₃ on the surface area and surface chemistry of three granular activated carbons was studied.

This course will introduce students to ways of thinking historically and culturally about sound and listening.

While this course is grounded in media studies, it also intersects with history, visual and performing art, architecture, music, cultural studies, anthropology and ethnography, as well as other disciplines.

The course will survey wide ranging topics and cultures including American and European industrialization; rainforest soundscapes of Papua New Guinea; cassette sermon by Islamic preachers in Cairo, Egypt; avant-garde music and DJ culture, to name a few.

I really like his VO for Armin and Yuki in Mirai Nikki, to me it improves their characters since female voice actors for teenagers just doesnt work for me in many cases, and it would work even less in English, and he played those roles well.

Male characters voiced by female actor makes them sound like female (duh), which is especially worse if you recognize the voice of the actress from roles where she played other female characters.

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