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Date: 26 March 2014n A female bodybuilder has slammed an NHS nurse who branded her overweight and told her she needed to exercise more and eat less.n Athletic Anita Albrecht (Pictured) was left stunned when a nurse told her she was ¿eating too much¿ and needed to go on a drastic diet to lose weight during a routine appointment.

A superfit bodybuilder was branded overweight and put on a strict diet by an NHS nurse simply based on her BMI.

People who would rather say that they are proud to be lazy, that laziness did not choose them naaaah! We all have been there whether because we just like the dark romantic side of it, or we are just insecure about a little bit of cellulite on the thighs, some stretch marks on the belly, sagging breasts – Gravity!

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.But Ms Albrecht, who competes against some of the world’s leading bodybuilders, said the measure was distorted by her muscle-bound physique.She said: ‘She insulted me by making assumptions about my lifestyle.What shines through in this video is Ernestine’s spirit.If there is a “book on aging,” I can guarantee that no-one ever showed it to her.

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