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Chicago’s peak month for snow is January — it snows an average of 10.1 inches. But it gives the season a certain symmetry, a bell curve centered around the turn of the year. Michigan’s snowfall patterns are similar, so I’d assumed this it how it is just about everywhere.But like snowflakes, it seems, no two snowfall patterns are alike.Dating back to 1860, this was New York's first official zoo, housing only a few exotic animals.Today, Central Park Zoo is home to over 150 species from all around the world.“You can try.” He sits down next to me on the bench, introduces himself, then, “You know those guys who get a dog out of the hope the animal will help them pick up girls? ” This turns into a 10 minute conversation that stays pretty close to the subject, bouncing around from This motive had crossed my mind, but just barely as I am notoriously oblivious in such matters. Well, I know what at least 2 of you are thinking: yes I felt like this was straight out of Sex and the City (in theaters in less than 24 hours! My inner Miranda burbled up, “So how many times have you tried this tactic” -it carried on way too long to be a line- “before?

Dating back to 1927, the hotel has an ornate lobby modeled after the Vatican library, with crystal chandeliers and marble mosaic floors dotting the interior. I got picked up on a Central Park bench my first full day in Manhattan. The Central Park Zoo is located behind the Arsenal Building in Central Park.In the 150 years of records the city’s temperature extremes span 121 degrees ranging from a high of 106 on July 9, 1936 to a low of minus 15 on February 9, 1934.In Los Angeles temperatures have been taken at a downtown location since 1877 and extremes there range from a high of 113 on September 27, 2010 to a low of 28 degrees recorded on three occasions, most recently January 4, 1949, an 85-degreee range.

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