Concurrency erro when deleteing or updating multiple key field

In most scenarios it unlikely to hit these limits, but adding a check to the size of the request and moving any records which cause the limit to be exceeded to a new request should prevent any circumstances which lead to this error being returned by any endpoints.

414 will be returned when the URI of a GET request exceeds 8KB.

The following illustrations show the Edit and Delete pages, including some messages that are displayed if a concurrency conflict occurs.

In earlier tutorials you learned how to update data.

This tutorial shows how to handle conflicts when multiple users update the same entity at the same time.

A concurrency conflict occurs when one user displays an entity's data in order to edit it, and then another user updates the same entity's data before the first user's change is written to the database.

If you don't enable the detection of such conflicts, whoever updates the database last overwrites the other user's changes.

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