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More than a hundred Baroque statues of saints, dating from 16, surmount the colonnades.

Two 14-meter fountains grace the square: one by Carlo Maderno (1556–1629) dating from 1613, and the other by Bernini dating from 1675.

A sentimental favourite is the shirt presented to the pontiff by his favourite team from Buenos Aires, San Lorenzo, when the team came to Rome in August.

The red and blue striped shirt has “Francis Champion” printed on the back in Spanish.

The cleric, Nunzio Scarano, was suspected of plotting to smuggle millions of euros into Italy. The investigation centred on a 2010 transfer of 23 million euros ( million at current rates) made from the Vatican bank to Italian lender Credito Artigiano in September 2010.

Three million euros were then sent on to Banca del Fucino and 20 million to JP Morgan Frankfurt.

Shown is Saint Peter’s Square (Piazza di San Pietro), which adjoins Saint Peter’s Basilica, one of the world’s largest Christian churches.

The church and square are named for the Apostle Peter, the first Bishop of Rome and the first pope.

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They are now on display in a small glass case near the Pinacoteca gallery, which houses priceless works dating back to the 13th century.

Both Cipriani and Tulli signed off on the transfers.

The court found that the two men neglected to provide sufficient information to JP Morgan, but they were cleared of irregularities in approving the 23 million euro transfer.

The towering red granite obelisk that stands in the center of the square was brought from the Temple of Heliopolis in Egypt in 37 AD by the order of Emperor Caligula.

The 25-meter monolith is crowned by an iron cross; on its pedestal a Latin inscription reads: “Behold the cross of God.

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