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I wasn’t sure though – mostly because I thought Kiki was still dating Rilo Kiley’s Jason Boesel.

Did we ever hear about Jason and Kiki officially breaking up?

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There are dozens of new stories about Kirsten Dunst and her new boyfriend/boy-toy, Garrett Hedlund this morning.

The rumors have been around for a few months – I think Kirsten and Garrett were photographed together a few months ago, and people began assuming that they were now a couple.

Here are caps from said film: He supposedly also had a gay scene with Steve Buscemi but it did not make the final cut. He’s been dating actress Kirsten Dunst these past few years but the two called it quits last year.

Aside from Kirsten, Garrett’s ex-girlfriend list include: Rashida Jones, Lindsay Lohan, Leighton Meester, and Beau Garrett.

After that, he began a relationship with the famous American actress Scarlett Johansson in May 2017. His mother is the chief medical officer for the New York City Fire Department and his father is an engineer and former teacher at .

Hopefully he’ll be bold enough to wear this Givenchy leopard print trousers he’s seen wearing in this photoshoot for W Magazine.

Come on Garrett, wear this one when you go to Paris.

with friends Will Ferrell, Justin Long and Rashida Jones.

Being shy with PDA was not an issue for this couple who, according to a source, did not leave each other’s sides all night.

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