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Maybe, my presence here is meant only as a threat, intending to bring those to their senses whom it ought to intimidate.

He had expected to intimidate our hero easily, and now he was nonplused.

The policemen fired twice over the heads of the rioters, thereby encouraging instead of intimidating them.

This arbitrary conduct did not succeed in intimidating the other Councillors.

Writing an editorial can be challenging and intimidating.

Editorials can have tremendous impacts on local issues and political campaigns.

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Find troubleshooting tips and tricks in the guide for Adobe Printables.encouraging, goofy, consoling, featherbrained, relaxing, inviting, benignant, bright, tender, Quieting, happy, mirthful, lighthearted, light-headed, cheerful, soft, lulling, quiet, flighty, gentle, bland, sweet, sunny, giddy, tranquil, meek, glad, agreeable, mellow, mild, calming, scatterbrained, playful, silly, frivolous, pleasant, soothing, pleasing, merry, tranquilizing, harebrained, pacifying, comforting, reassuring, easy, benign.At first he tried to supplement the interpreter by shouting words of broken Greek, or intimidating her by glaring looks whose efficacy he had often proved on his subordinates but without the least success; and then he had her informed that he possessed a document which placed her guilt beyond doubt.This deed of blood, instead of intimidating the Saxons, provoked them to fury.There are other allusions to this intimidating insect in this book.

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