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“Her complaint that she was fired from the Countryfile programme for being too old is in my opinion no more sensible than Pierce Brosnan complaining that he was sacked from the role of James Bond for being too old.

Which he was and which he is.” He added: "If either at the outset of a TV programme, or at any time during its screen life, you want to replace an old person with a young person, or a white person with a black person, or a disabled straight with an able bodied gay, you should have as much creative freedom to do so as you have to change the colour of John Craven's anorak.

has published their version of a State of the Union for 2017.

It’s their assessment of the top kinky cities in America based on factors like fetlife subscribers, kinky resources, porn viewing, sex toys purchased, etc.

To make it worse, we’re the only state with that as our favorite toy.

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"I won't accept that working in film or television should exclude you from the rules that apply to everyone else in society." O'Reilly quit the BBC last month, 12 months into a three-year BBC contract, to establish the Women's Equality Network with Camilla Palmer, her lawyer.

She was awarded a six-figure compensation payout and was offered the chance to return to the BBC in a new role.

She never returned Countryfile, instead hosting a daytime spin-off of Crimewatch.

Even more intriguing is their list of top toys per state. Ohio is into hoods, Texans likes their zappers and apparently Illinois is full of guys in chastity cages. The sex ramp – the single most boring toy in the entire world*.

It’s basically a pillow with edges, and about as kinky as a comfy duvet.

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