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It is no longer news that most Nigerian girls travel out to various Europe country in search of greener pasture to enable them take care of their families back in Africa.But, the way and manner these girls which are mostly young women live in Europe is the issue of discourse.Meanwhile, in the early 1980s, Nigeria, Africa and France have a lot of immigrants, who come to Italy to earn a living through a legitimate means.These Africans were then subjected to farming in tomato farm land, but when the farm reported stopped being operational, they quickly started looking for an alternate means of survival in foreign land.

“The USA has played a huge role in influencing the African porn industry,” says a man who calls himself Freeman, a spokesperson for Free Thinkers Productions, the company behind the video I’m watching on Xvideos (unceremoniously labeled “Africa/Ganja girl fuck!! Freeman tells me that Free Thinkers has been filming hardcore porn for about 10 months, and its NSFW Twitter page proudly declares that Free Thinkers is the “first Official Nigeria/Africa porn company.”For her part, Afrocandy released her first explicit sex scene just last month.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Thursday said women in the Lake Chad basin had been forced to prostitute to survive.

ICRC attributed it to an insurgency by Boko Haram fighters that had driven millions from their homes and left children to starve.

*** Obinna Udenwe is one of the African writers fearless enough to delve into controversial issues.

He is the author of the award winning – a conspiracy crime fiction set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s ongoing terrorist tension.

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