Tecumseh engine dating

The structures primarily date from the late-nineteenth to the early-twentieth century and consist mostly of Greek Revival and Italianate architecture.

The Tecumseh Historic District is sometimes referred to as the “West Chicago Boulevard-Union Street Historic District” to distinguish it from the Tecumseh Downtown Historic District, which is located just east on West Chicago Boulevard.

The Tecumseh Historic District is a residential historic district located in the city of Tecumseh in Lenawee County, Michigan.

It was designated as a Michigan Historic Site and added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 13, 1984.

With the Tecumseh and Briggs engines, the date code can be obtained from the engine to give the year the engine was manufactured.

If the engine has been replaced you will have a problem.

Question is do you all think that this is in line with a 1987 tiller to have 1984 stickers on it?

I have seen other products have dates on the stickers a year before the date of the actual product but 3 years seems like a bit of a stretch to me..any thoughts would be helpful as im going to restore this someday and if I have to buy or make new decals I minus well get the correct ones true to the year of the tiller.

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The date of manufacture is not listed on the tractor itself.If you decide to buy a snow blower used from a private party, try to buy a lightly used and/or extremely well-cared for and maintained machine.I encourage people to stick with Ariens, Toro, or Simplicity (Simplicity Signature PRO and Heavy-Duty models only).With the identification problem in mind, I set out on a journey to collect as much material regarding the Sears tractors as I could get my hands on.This mainly consists of old Sears Farm and Garden Catalogs.

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