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Almost everyone has favorite lists this time of year-- best movies, books, persons…For the 9th year, here is my list of the BEST and WORST issues, events and personae that have impacted profoundly on the global Ukrainian community.The fourth ring will be composed of top academics, media moguls, lawyers, and may sometimes include prominent authors, film and music stars, artists, NGO representatives, few religious leaders, few top criminals and others useful for decorating the inner circles. It appears that the degree of internationalization of the powerful correlates with their status on the ring hierarchy.They enjoy the privilege of close access to those in power, they are well paid and will make sure not to lose such benefits (Hamm, B. The two inner circles have always been international.Ukraine’s historical destinies have been shaped by geography.With an area of 603,628 square kilometres (233,062 square miles) it is the largest European country. With the powerful Russian Federation to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

The museum position sends the message that the exposure of Nazi crimes against humanity is of greater value than exposing genocides perpetrated by Communist and other murderous dictatorial regimes.VY PUTIN SAID TO BACK PLAN TO ATTRACT ETHNIC RUSSIAN IMMIGRANTS Aleksandr Blokhin, the minister for federation affairs, nationality, and migration, said on 24 July that Putin has given formal approval to the ministry's plan to attract ethnic Russians from neighboring countries back to Russia to help solve the country's demographic crisis, Interfax reported.Blokhin said that at present only about 4 million ethnic Russians in the former Soviet republics have expressed interest in emigrating to Russia but that perhaps as many as 20 million could be encouraged to do so in the future.A strategy of tension is used to press the population into conformity.But the real revolution is to what extent factual politics escape any attempt at democratic control. Wright Mills’ seminal work on The Power Elite, recent power structure research suggests an ideal-type model of four concentric circles: In the inner circle, we find the global money trust, the richest individuals, families or clans, all with fortunes well above one billion Euros.

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