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After that copy the 3.5 - 4.0 Upgrade file to the VM.

The first thing you must do is prepare your ESXi host for the upgrade, open up your VMware ESX Client and log onto your host server, shut down all your virtual machines.

The reason behind this article is that the upgrade processes are pretty straightforward are not actually documented well on most of the sources.

Another important thing to note is that the offline bundle is available only to the paid subscription license which I believe most of the readers will have access to.

The two files you will need are labeled: Upgrade package from ESXi Server 3.5 to ESXi Server 4.0 Update 1 ESXi 4.1 Update 1 (upgrade ZIP from ESXi 4.0) You will also have to go to the section and download the VMware v Sphere CLI 4.0.

NOTE If you are using Windows 7 as your OS on the computer that you're preforming the upgrade on there is an extra step that you will need to take as you will run into issues during the upgrade process.

So after some research and trail and error I finally managed a successful upgrade and to try and help people in the future that might want to do the same thing I wrote this guide.

Before we start the upgrade process there are a few requirements we need to meet first First of all we need to download the update files on to your computer, to do this go to the VMware website go to the area, locate VMware ESXi (you will have to register with VMware if you have not done so already), from here you will be able to download the full isos or incremental update files.

Offline Bundle is a zip file that contains the VMware v Sphere ESXi image which can be used to perform upgrades.

Update process requires to reboot ESXi server, so obviously all working virtual machines should be powered off or paused properly.

Also it can take around 30 to 40 minutes depending on the datastore size as per VMware’s document.

Keep in mind that the ESXi upgrade does not support all devices; the VMware Knowledge Base offers a comprehensive list of these depreciated and unsupported devices.

If you intend to use any plug-ins you should first make certain that they're supported by ESXi 6.5.

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