Western knife dating

The Case Knife pattern number is stamped on the knife’s blade.

The stampings are small and are located on the tang end of the blade nearest the handle.

Although other sons and their descendants remained active in the cutlery industry, the focus here is on Harvey Nixon Platts. His experience led him to work in the blade grinding and finishing department of a new knife factory operated by Cattaraugus Cutlery Company. His connections with the eastern cutlery manufactures were important as he sought sources of product.

Before the year 1911 was over, orders were being sold and knives were arriving from the east to fill them.

The company is probably best known for its "Bowie" style hunting knives. Platts and Debbie Case were married and, within a couple of years, they had become parents of two sons, Harlow and Reginald. served as the key salesman of Platts cutlery products.By the production numbers, the knife is most-probably a G48-6 (6" blade, leather handle, sometimes referred to as a "Shark" knife) but might be a G48-5 (5" blade, leather handle, sometimes referred to as a "Baby Shark").Lesser chance that it is a G48-8 (8" blade, leather handle, not common enough that it got a nickname I guess).Eventually purchased by Camillus in 1991, Western continued until Camillus expired in 2007. How about a thread to collect all the various Western tang stamps over the years? I think this knife is from the Camillus you can see tang stamps as battery died after 1st pic,these knives are similar,but must have been from different years one has carbon blades and a bail the other has stainless,both have western states in an arch over boulder colo,these 2 are the only advertising knives ive ever seen from western bought them both at a lawn sale for a quarter for the pair Crossguard looks like iron; if so, that is largely a WWII trait (the use of brass was controlled as a strategic material).A shot of the pommel (if it still has it) will help date it a bit better.

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